Collect, send and spend money within a tap

Small Businesses use the TapIn app to collect online payments through Credit Card and gateways like PayPal and Wechat Pay, send email transfers and spend money with a TapIn Mastercard.

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One-Stop Solution for Platforms to Collect and Distribute Funds

Skip the Big Slow Banks

Support all major payment platforms

  • Enchance Your Shopping Experience with Premium Delivery
  • Dedicated Customer Support for You and Your Customers
  • Track Driver Location with Step-by-Step Proof
  • Integration via API, Google Sheet, WooCommerce and Shopify

Spend with a TapIn Mastercard

  • Collect Payment After Customer Fills Out Address
  • In-person Cash or Card Payment Upon Delivery
  • Support Apple, Google, WeChat Pay, PayPal, and Alipay
  • Instant Fund Access Over a Mastercard or e-Transfer

See how easy it is to pay

  • Retail Directly to TapIn Customers on Our B2C App
  • Free Webstore to Kickstart Your Retail Business
  • Automate Pre-orders and Group-buy Campaigns
  • Host Live Shopping Across Unique Demographics

Send e-Transfer to anyone from app

  • Customized Solution and Pricing for Enterprises
  • One-on-One Account Management
  • Do Tasks Like Your In-House Fleet:
  • Recurring Delivery, Multi-location Pick-up or White Glove Service

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What Our Partners Say



TapIn is one of the best things that has ever happened to my business. I initially only used them for deliveries they don’t take commission fees, but then I discovered their Cashier feature and realized how much time it saves me. With Cashier, you can pay your expenses instantly through e-Transfer from TapIn’s wallet - it’s so convenient!



A year after starting my organic produce business, I wasted $1,000 to have a developer set up Shopify. It was too complicated for me and couldn’t manage items that arrive from farms once per week like Dalkon and Baby Carrots. Luckily, we saved the hosting fee by switching to TapIn instead of paying another freelancer huge money again!



I use TapIn to host live shopping on Instagram so my customers can watch the training process of our pets. Our customers love it because they get a better sense of what some products do for their beloved ones, and all I have to do is copy-paste a link into an instagram story!

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