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Our retail app sells all kinds of local goodies to millions of customers. If you have retail sales or you are planning to do retail, TapIn is a perfect place to kickstart.

Thanks to the support of other businesses sharing us with their customers. You have the opportunity to cross-promote your products to their customers on TapIn Retail App.

Because we all belong to only one place after all: THE COMMUNITY!

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Present your brand on a professionally crafted gift card alongwith other businesses' deliveries.

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  • Grabs attention for a longer duration
  • Increases conversion rate
  • Undisrupted streaming within Instagram or Facebook

Growing Together

Thanks to the help of countless vendors by sharing our app with their existing customers. TapIn has a strong and diverse customer base.

Let's work together cross-promoting in each other's unique demographics and give customers an opportunity to see how awesome our local community is.

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