The Benefits of Mobile Massage

Regular massages, while undoubtedly relaxing, have many physical and mental health benefits. Massage can offset postural stress caused from hours hunched over at a desk, ease muscle pain, soothe anxiety and improve sleep, resulting in a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

That said, it’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll find time to visit a spa or massage clinic regularly. Luckily, mobile massage is more cost-effective, and has more stress-relieving and health benefits, than visiting a spa.

More benefits, less cost

While in-home massages are popular with celebs like Mariah Carey, you can enjoy the benefits of mobile massage without the steep price tag. With TapIn, you spend less on mobile massages than you would at a spa, due to low overhead fees. You can enjoy instant relaxation within your own home, for less than what you’d pay to drive to a spa. You also have the option to choose bundle pricing, booking several sessions at once, and saving even more.

Save previous time

Mobile massages are ideal for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Whether you’re a parent with small children, a working professional, or both, mobiles massages allow you to book a session that fits within your schedule. There’s no need to account for travel time, or make accommodations for your children while you’re away. Mobile massage fits seamlessly into your busy schedule, so that you can get in some R&R without sacrificing other responsibilities. With TapIn, you also have access to massage therapists outside of regular work hours, allowing more flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule.

Reduce stress

Studies have shown that massage directly impacts stress and depression levels, with regular massages leaving recipients more relaxed and happy. Receiving a massage in the comfort of your own home further eliminates stress caused by finding your way to and from a spa or clinic. In-home massages create a seamless experience, where your massage isn’t interrupted by a commute. Instead, you can follow a massage with a nap, bubble bath or book, to create a cohesive and relaxing experience.

Optimize health

Massage can play an enormous role in helping to heal pain caused by injuries or illnesses. If you’re seeking out massage as a way to remedy serious pain or discomfort, mobile massages prevent risk of further injury by allowing you to stay in one place, rather than commuting to a spa or clinic. Massages in the tranquility of your own home can also help to reduce headaches, improve sleep, boost your immune system and reduce stress-induced illnesses.

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