Can I trust the providers coming to my house?

Customer satisfaction and safety are our utmost priority. Service providers who work through TapIn often gain years of experience before becoming a mobile service provider.

Verified service providers will have a checkmark next to their name. While all service providers have the option to submit background checks and ID confirmations, only those who complete both steps will be listed as “verified.”

Do service providers arrive to appointments with equipment?

Yes. Service providers always bring all the necessary equipment for the service they advertise. Estheticians bring makeup, yoga instructors bring mats, blocks, and straps, and facialists arrive with skincare products. If you wish to use your own equipment, we recommend letting your provider know before the appointment.

How should I pay for an appointment?

Payment is quick and easy through the TapIn app. When you create an account, you will add a payment method. TapIn accepts credit cards and digital payments through WeChat Pay and AliPay. If you opt-in to automatic payments, the payment will go through after your appointment. Otherwise, simply approve the payment when your session is complete.

TapIn uses secure billing via Stripe. Your card numbers stay hidden and will never be available to anyone on the TapIn platform.

How long do appointments last?

That’s up to you! Depending on the service you book, the appointment could last 1-3 hours. Yoga and fitness training is often completed in an hour, while facials and certain types of massage may take longer.

Are there any discounts available for clients?

Yes! We are running a discount exclusively for our early adopters. To claim this discount, simply subscribe to our email list. Subscribing also gives you access to special offers and discounts.

What should I do if my provider is late to the appointment?

We understand the importance of your time, as do all providers who offer their services through TapIn. In the event that a provider arrives more than 15 minutes late, you will have the option to either cancel the appointment without charge, or continue waiting. Leaving a review is the best way to let others in the TapIn Community know about the quality of your experience.

Should I tip my provider?

It’s not necessary or expected for clients to tip providers. The invoice details the final price for the service and there are no hidden fees. Tipping is optional.

What is the average hourly cost of service on TapIn?

While there are many different services to choose from, you can typically expect to pay $50-80 per hour for service through the TapIn platform. As the owners and developers of TapIn, we have no say in the cost of services. Service providers set their own prices.

What locations does TapIn service?

We’re currently focused on serving the Greater Vancouver, Canada area, but TapIn is coming to Seattle and Toronto at the end of 2020!

How far do service providers travel?

Each service provider specifies the distance they are willing to travel with commensurate pricing. If you are able to view a provider through your TapIn app, you are within their vicinity.